French is the Love Language


On the 20th of March we celebrate the International French Language day. Learning a new language is both beneficial for your personal and work improvement. With the ever-growing world economy, people tend to outsource their businesses. Therefore, they need representatives with a variety of languages in their pockets.

When we hear about France, the activities and items – baguettes, wine, and, of course – amour. It is little to say that this language is one of the most important ones. It is a Lingua Franca for a big part of the world, but also ... French is the love language. Because of that, you are taken on a lovely journey across the history of this language and its importance for the world of business and diplomatic relations.

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Why French is named the love language

France for sure is the award winner for the most romantic language in the whole of Europe. Basically, it lets its speakers believe in la vie en rose. Among the languages that come from Latin, this one is the leader in terms of tunefulness, flow, softness, and tenderness. These characteristics turn it into the best option when planning to take your loved one on a trip, dinner or favourite place.

The language of love is spoken by almost 300 000 people and that turns the phrase “Je t’aime” into one of the most used worldwide. But there is one secret ingredient that spices up this language of romance – its methods of creating new words. Most of the French ones are specially designed to sound romantic and soft. Every one of them has universal appeal and this is one of the characteristics that make this language so unique.

A photo of the Eiffel Tower and the French Flag

The language of love in poetry

French is the language of love, and as the one to have the last word in every romance, it also has its own word for poetry – vers libre. It is one of the most rich and diverse languages in terms of words. Since it is Lingua Franca, it is used by poets all around the world for centuries. It is impossible to count all the beauty that's written in French, because there are countless works of poetry out there.

One of the most famous poems written in the language of love is “Sonnet XVII” by Rosnard. The poem is first present in 16th century during the big bang of arts & culture – the French Renaissance. It is part of a book of sonnets that is famous for its expression of love.

French is the love language of music and movies

Since this is the language of romance, love is the main theme in French Music. The 2 most popular love songs that are written in this angelic rhytm are “La Vie en Rose” and “Ne me quitte pas”. In every genre, there is a song in French about this beautiful emotion - love.

A french girl singing

One of the most popular romance movies of all times are written in French. For example, take the movies “Amelie” by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and the “Umbrellas of Cherbourg’ by Jacques Demy.

Should you study French?

Definitely! French is one of the most spoken languages worldwide and it is one of the dominant ways to do sales in the business world. A lot of the biggest European companies have French origins and they do business, trade negotiations and sales in this language.

French is the love language but also the one of European business. Sign up now and let the world fall for you!


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