Dog Coach

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  • 3-6 cpLessonsMultiple
  • Coursle - Centre For Distance Learning

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You’re here because you love dogs. Of course you do- they’re our best friends.

But do you know why dogs misbehave?

The cause is usually a communication issue. That’s why it’s important to learn to successfully communicate with your dog.

During this Dog Coach home course, you’ll gain a great understanding of your four-legged friend. You’ll learn to notice and recognize different behavioral problems. We’ll also give you the skills to effectively address and treat them.

Find out the hidden truths about dog behavior - sign up now!

  • to uncover the secrets of different dog behaviors
  • to start an exciting new career and work with dogs every day
  • to recognize and treat problem behavior in dogs
  • to become an expert in various dog training techniques
  • to study at home, at your own pace, with online guidance from an accomplished teacher
Dog Coach
  • cpCertificationDiploma
  • cpHomeCourseType
  • 3-6 cpLessonsMultiple
  • 239.00
cpProgram Dog Coach
Dog Coach - Online Course
  • Influencing dog relationships
  • Breeds
  • Recognizing problem behavior
  • Training versus education
  • Instinct, behavior and drift
  • Socialization
  • Rules for raising your dog
  • Conditioning
  • Nutrition's effect on behavior
  • Stress and calming techniques
  • Dominance & aggression
  • Methods for solving problems
  • Dog coach and client
  • Start as an independent Dog Coach
Dog Coach - Home Study
  • Being able to recognize and address problem behavior makes you a sought-after expert
  • Understanding of different coaching techniques lets you confidently handle every situation
  • Ability to strengthen the dog-owner bond makes your the ultimate Dog Coach
Dog Coach - Home Course
  • Dog coach
  • Dog trainer
  • Employee in an animal shelter
cpTeachers Dog Coach


You can get started as soon as you complete your registration. The digital course will immediately become available on your profile page. We'll post the paper version promptly, and you’ll receive the special delivery as soon as possible at your designated address. The flexible nature of a home course gives you the freedom to study wherever and whenever you want. For a full year, you’ll receive exclusive guidance from your teacher. This means exclusive exercises, regular feedback and time-tested practical tips from the field, all available through our online learning platform. You’re not alone in your journey. And once you’re ready, you can take your exam at one of our locations, and get your diploma!


The cost for this Dog Coach includes an illustrated course book, a full year of practical guidance from an accomplished teacher with years of experience in the field, access to bonus interactive teaching materials on our online learning platform, and the opportunity to take a free exam within five years at one of our exam locations. Everything to quickly and efficiently turn you into a Dog Coach expert, for the price of €239.00

Dog Coach
  • cpCertificationDiploma
  • cpHomeCourseType
  • 3-6 cpLessonsMultiple
  • 239.00

cpStartNewCarreer Dog Coach. cpChooseQualityEducationWith Coursle - Centre For Distance Learning.

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The Centre for Distance Learning, part of Ondernemersschool BV, is the largest training provider in the Benelux. It organizes professional training courses for adults from all over the world through the distance learning system. The school is nationally and internationally recognized by various professional associations such as the Wellness Federation, the Centre for Professional Qualification and is registered in the Central Register for Short Professional Education (CRKBO). This means that the educational institution complies with the Quality Code for Education Institutions for Short Professional Education. Moreover, the Center for Distance Learning meets the strict quality requirements of ISO 9001:2015.


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Animal Caretaker (All-round)

Animal Caretaker (All-round)

  • cpCertificationDiploma
  • cpHomeCourseType
  • 9-12 cpLessonsMultiple
  • 1495.00


Have animals always been part of your life and would you like to make them part of your profession? Then the All-round Animal Caretaker course is for you!

As a future animal caretaker or veterinary assistant you will learn all about not only the anatomy and physiology of the animal, but also the behavior and course of life of cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, etc.

You will learn to distinguish typical breed characteristics, adjust the correct diet, maintain the coat, and provide first aid. In short, everything you need to self working with animals on a daily basis and in a professional context.

This is the dream job for every animal lover ...

  • Animal caretaker in a clinic, shelter, pet shop, ...
  • Independent animal caretaker, trimmer, ...
  • Operator animal hotel, petting zoo