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Are you wild about beauty and do you dream about a career in this vibrant sector? Would you like to get a professional training and a valuable diploma to start out as a professional beautician or launch your own business? Then the beautician training course is exactly what you’re looking for!

During this hands-on course you will explore and master the art of beauty care in 5 modules: Facial Care, Basic Massaging, Cosmetic Manicure & Pedicure, Hair Removal & Waxing and Day & Evening Makeup. The course is open to everyone and is ideal for those who want to learn by practicing right away.

The training is organized for small groups, so that you receive personal guidance and can practice on different models. Sign up now and kick-start a career in beauty!

  • to get acquainted with professional beauty products
  • to offer fully personalized treatments to your customers
  • to turn your passion for beauty and care into a new job
  • to start your own beauty parlor
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  • 21 cpCourseTypeDurationLesson cpLessonsPer 3 cpHoursPerClass
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  • €990
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Body Massage
5 cpCourseTypeDurationLesson cpLessonsPer 3 cpHoursPerClass

cpObligatoryChildCapital: Body Massage

Imagine giving a loved one an exotic, mind-blowing experience. Imagine helping people relax, relieving their aches and bringing comfort through your magic technique.

A good massage can do all of that, and more. Does that sound intriguing? Then this course is just for you! 

As a Body Massage specialist, you'll be able to relieve pain and ensure relaxation. You will know how to prevent ailments and soothe overworked muscles. It's an exciting, satisfying path. In addition to basic anatomy, during this course, you'll learn about different massage techniques. You'll discover the fascinating secrets of Body Massage.

Sign up now, and start bringing pleasure to the people around you! 


Make-Up Artist - Day and Night
2 cpCourseTypeDurationLesson cpLessonsPer 3 cpHoursPerClass

cpObligatoryChildCapital: Make-Up Artist - Day and Night

Different occasions call for different types of make-up. During the day you’ll want to go for a neat and professional look while a more alluring and enticing appearance might be better for a night out. But how do you get these effects with your make-up? With our Make-Up: Day and Evening Look Course, you’ll learn to give yourself an appropriate look for every occasion.

In two hands-on lessons you will learn the fundamentals of well-groomed make-up and how to get your desired look with a couple of quick and simple make-up methods. Step by step, you will learn how to work with mascara, eyeliner, fond de teint, etc. and you will be taught by an experienced makeup artist who will walk you through the latest trends and techniques of 2020.

Thanks to this training, you’ll be confident when taking your first professional steps in the field of beauty and fashion.


Facial Treatment
5 cpCourseTypeDurationLesson cpLessonsPer 4 cpHoursPerClass

cpObligatoryChildCapital: Facial Treatment

Would you like to learn how to professionally treat someone's face with the right products? Can't wait to discover the latest techniques in beauty care? Then this practical training is exactly what you are looking for.

During the Facial Care course, skilled professionals will teach you how to use different cosmetic and natural care products. You'll discover how the skin and the face are built up and will get to know different skin problems and their treatment. Finally you'll learn to perform facial massages and apply masks to relax the skin and facial muscles. This way you'll make people sparkle again from nose to ears!

Sign up now and lay the foundations for a career in beauty care.


Cosmetic Manicure and Pedicure
6 cpCourseTypeDurationLesson cpLessonsPer 3 cpHoursPerClass

cpObligatoryChildCapital: Cosmetic Manicure and Pedicure

Looking to treat customers or friends to a gorgeous cosmetic manicure and pedicure? Then this is the training you are looking for!

A visit to the nail stylist is no longer a luxury. Everyone wants their nails to stay strong, healthy and stylish. Well-kept nails are also indispensable for a professional look. During the Cosmetic Manicure & Pedicure course you will learn to perform a classic manicure and a basic pedicure. You'll learn to use the right professional instruments to do a nail, foot and hand analysis. This way you can create a customized treatment for each client.

Go for a career in nail care and make people sparkle with beautiful manicures and pedicures!


3 cpCourseTypeDurationLesson cpLessonsPer 3 cpHoursPerClass

cpObligatoryChildCapital: Waxing

Do you want to help your customers get rid of unwelcome hair in unwanted spots in a professional way? Do you want to offer a range of hair removal services, from strip wax, to revolutionary film wax and other classic forms of epilation? Then the Hair Removal & Waxing course is just right for you!

Both men and women spend plenty of time grooming themselves to feel confident about their body. You can learn to help them effectively and painlessly.

Your professional teacher specializes in styling, trimming and removing excess body hair and teaches you all the tricks of the trade to give your clients they hair removal service they need.


Beautician evening school
  • Put together treatment plans fully tailored to your clients and apply them perfectly
  • Choose the right brush, file, product, etc.
  • Work comfortably with a range of professional products and materials.
  • Give professional facial and body treatments
  • Make clients sparkle and send them out confident and happy
  • Set up shop as an independent beauty specialist
  • Find clients, make them radiant and keep them coming back for more sparkles
Adult education Beautician
  • beautician
  • work in a wellness center
  • start your own beauty parlor

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The Beautician training consists of 21 lessons. Each lesson takes place on the same week day as the start day of the course. Step by step you will develop the insight and skills you need to find a job in your field of choice. In our courses you'll learn by doing and racticing, as much as you need. You'll also get to ask career advice and tips on the spot because your teacher is a seasoned professional and independent entrepreneur who has tons of practical knowledge to share with you. In the start date overview of this course you will find all lesson days for each course series.



This course only costs €990.00. For this price you get an illustrated textbook, hands-on lessons from a seasoned subject expert in state-of-the-art classrooms, access to interactive digital lesson material on our brand new online learning platform and the possibility to take an exam and obtain a valuable professional diploma.

  • cpEducationTypeProfessional
  • Coursle Groupcourses
  • cpCourseTypeGroup
  • 21 cpCourseTypeDurationLesson cpLessonsPer 3 cpHoursPerClass
  • cpAllroundCourse
  • cpCourseTypeDiplomaPrefix diploma
  • €990
  • payInTerms

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